Printer tear off issue programmed in VB6 using printer command

I have a Dot matrix printer Panasonic KX1121. I am giving printout from the VB6 progrmming using printer command with Custom Size 256 from the program. Once the page is printed, when i press tear off in the printer, the printer move only one line, not the size of the custom paper size. I am using the printer for continous printing of Bar code labels.So can any one give me a suggestion for this question. what may be the problem.
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gecko_au2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are some sites which may prove useful :

The last one will prolly be the most useful to you. I would also check in your coding to make sure you specify what page size / type you are using ie A4, A5, or w/e.

It would also help if you post the actual code ( at least snippet(s) ) of it to show us exactly what is going on with regards to the code, hence we can help you further with regards to the coding and getting it to work as you require !

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