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Dear Experts,

I have a question about sharing Outlook contacts.  I am still view articles to find an answer but I thought I would throw this out to you in case anyone knew the answer right off.

I have a department that wants to share a contact list.  I have found several ways to share a contact list but I cannot figure out how to get it in the drop down list when the user hits the "To:" button in a new message. Right now a user  gets their personal address book and the global exchange address book.  It looks as if the contact list needs to be added to the local address book for that user.  So how do you add a shared contact list or a contact list from aother user into the contact list for the local address book?

If anyone can help me out with this I would appreciate the help.

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aflockhartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Right click the folder you want to add.
Choose Properties, Outlook Address Book
Tick the "show this as an address book" box.

Beware of this though:  if it is a shared PST file only one person can have it open at a time. They then need to log out to allow others to use it.  You don't get this problem if you set it up as a shared public folder in Exchange Server.
Sender – Person with the Distribution List to Send:
First go into the person who has the distribution list to send.
Open a new email.
Put in the recipient’s name.
Put something in subject.
Go to Insert and choose Item.
Go to the Contacts folder and choose the Distribution List you want to send.
It will go in as an attachment to the email.
Send the email to the recipient.

Recipient – Person Receiving Distribution List:

Go to inbox and find the email from the Sender.
Double click on the attachment.
Choose file, copy to and choose the Contacts Folder (above inbox).  
The new Distribution List should now be in the recipient’s Contact List.
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