Windows cannot unload your registry class file-USERNEV event 1000 problem- hotfix did not work

Within a network with one domain controller and a second server working as a file server, keeping profiles and personal files saved. A problem is reocurring on some of the work stations.  "Windows cannot unload your registry class file" usernev
event 1000 problem.
This seems to be a know problem from microsoft and a hotfix was avalilable some time ago. So... did that, in some cases it really helped, but others did not, and still happens.  Unfortunetly i am running out of options, already going to a complete new installation of windows 2000. But...perhaps someone has been able to solve this problem without the use of the hotfix.
This is a real 500 points questions, i give 1000. The few grey hair on the side of my head came from trying to solve this problem.
Thank you
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Nirmal SharmaConnect With a Mentor Solution ArchitectCommented:
Yes, that's exactly i wanted to tell you.

Let me know.

Thanks for your help too :-)
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
There is a way to do. I am just out of office and don't have log of bookmarks with me. A utility or service called "UNPC" or "UNHC" (I don't remember name now). This is used to clean registry from memory when user logs on or logs off. So this is a better way i think. This type of errors can be occured only if registry hives are not cleaned from memory when user logs off.

I will let you know the name of service till such you find it by yourself.

BotocudoAuthor Commented:
I guess the program is called UPHClean which is a service. Thanks for the tip, i tried in one of the machines and i will wait a few days to observe if that happens again.  The service is running,  if things work fine, your are a winner!!
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BotocudoAuthor Commented:
well, it seems that using UPHclean profile is updated correctly, so thank you for the tip.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
That's great man. Glad! its working.
BotocudoAuthor Commented:
yeah... indeed.
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