Windows 2000 Server - User Rights / Admin Privelages


Is there a good tool to audit user accounts in regards to what rights they have?

For example,

I would like to print out or see on the screen what users have pPower user, or admin rights.

Thanks for your help!
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I have come accross this script, help yourself:

' - Automating the world and more
' You may use and modify this script for your personal use only,
' providing this header remains intact. You may not reproduce,
' post, or publish this script without explicit written consent.

' ==========================================================================
' Title:              Listing Groups Members
' Description:        List the user accounts that belong to a particular group using ADSI.
' Requirements:       WinNT ADSI Provider
' Author:             Jesse Torres
' Page #:             Windows Admin Scripting 2nd Ed. (222)
' ==========================================================================

On Error Resume Next
Domain = InputBox("Enter the name of your domain.","Domain Name")
Group = InputBox("Enter the name of the group.","Group Name")

Set DomObj = GetObject("WinNT://" & Domain & "/" & Group)
For Each User In DomObj.Members

' ==========================================================================
' Created with SAPIEN Technologies PrimalSCRIPT(TM) -
byd2kAuthor Commented:
Thanks Brainstormer.  I'll have to give this a try and see the results.  I'm also interested in picking up the book.

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