3 Computer Network 2 XP Home 1 XP Pro. XP Pro cant see or be seen.

I have a wireless home network with three machines.  Two have XP home and one has XP Pro but this was and upgrade from Win 2000 pro.  The two XP home computers can see each other.  The XP Pro machine cannot be seen or see the other two, this machine does see the access point.  The XP Pro is the internet Gateway and I cannot get to the internet from the other two.

 I already tried the following solution and it didn’t help.

Try this first:
Run local security policy editor from control panel admin tools and set the local policy, Network Access: Let everyone permissions apply to anonymous users, to enabled and make sure guest account is enabled

You Cannot Access Shared Files and Folders or Browse Computers in the Workgroup

On Windows XP-based computers that are configured as members of a workgroup in a peer-to-peer network environment, you may experience one or more of the following behaviors:
You cannot access shared folders or files.
You cannot browse other computers in the workgroup.
You receive the following error message when you double-click the workgroup in My Network Places:

Workgroup Name is not accessible. You may not have permission to use this network resource
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Ahaa.  The Pro machine is not getting complete network information from the ISP's router/modem.  Without a gateway you can't get to the internet.  Verify that the connection to the modem/gateway is set to automatic assignment of addresses and DNS (unless otherwise directed by the ISP for some goofy reason specific to their system).  Then set the LAN IP of your Pro Machine up as a static address.  Use that address as the default gateway and DNS server address for you home machines.
I agree with savone about the questionable need for it being used as a gateway you can get a reliable gateway router w/ switch by DLink or Linksys for $50 or less and everyone has access to the internet even if you Pro machine is off.
Start with the simple solutions.  

1) Run an IPCONFIG on all the machines and make sure they are all on the same subnet.  Or set them all for DHCP and let the router hand out IP addresses.

2) Make sure all computers are on the same WORKGROUP.  Right click My Computer and then go to Computer Name Tab.  Make sure the workgroup name matches on all the machines.

I know these sound simple and if you did this already I appologize.  But you did not state this in your answer.

Also if you are running a wireless network why is it that you need to use the XP Pro machine as an internet gateway?  
the following site is a great guide to troubleshoot peer2peer networks, give it a shot :

Network Scalability - Handle Complex Environments

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? does the XP Pro machine have SP2 and if so is the firewall on. If you just performed the upgrade or recently ran WindowsUpdate on the Pro machine the Windows firewall will be switched to on by the update.  Also have you added a newer anti-virus program to this machine than the others?  Many of them now include firewalls.  Make sure any 3rd party firewalls are disabled.
Good Luck

rarnoboydAuthor Commented:
The XP Pro Machine doesn't has SP 2 installed.  I have Starband for an internet connection and they have recommeneded not installing SP 2.  The XP firewall is not on as my internet connection doesn't work with it on.  I have Norton AntVirus 2005 running (is there some setting in here I should check) ?
rarnoboydAuthor Commented:
Tee computers have the same workgroup name.  They all have the same Subnet Mask for the router connection.  THe XP Pro has no Default Gateway IP while the Home machine does.
do you have norton Antivirus 2005 or InternetSecurity2005?
Just to clearify the gateway address should be the IP address of your router.  Or you can simply copy it from the other two machines with internet connectivity. Also you will have to set the XP machine up to share the internet connection.

This should help with that:

I still have to say that you should NOT do this unless you plan on using that XP PRO machine as a proxy server or similar application.  There is alot of performance loss with this setup when compaired to a normal network connection.  Also as mtpcbypc stated the XP PRO machine will have to be on for the other machines to have internet connectivity.

Good luck!
XP Home doesn't do networking very nicely- I think you have to create a network boot disk on one of the XP Home PC's, and boot the XP Pro PC off it and set up the network. I think the other option is to run setup off of the XP Home install CD on the XP Pro PC, and choose the option about additional options...there should be something about a home network wizard.

Summary: XP Home is stupid- upgarde them all to XP Pro, and you'll be a lot happier.
Only problem I have ever had with XP home networking for "Internet access" is when you have a Domain to get through.  You just can't login to a domain with it.  Basic TCP/IP is cake for it and the problem almost certainly by the Author's comments is located in the sharing of the connection at the pro box or the initial connection between the modem and the pro box.  Savone gave the right link for reading about how to do it right.  The only other thing I would do is get an updated driver for the network card in the pro machine.  Especially if it is an integrated chipset nic ( came as part of the motherboard ).  You don't want to shell out the extra (legally) $150 per machine and then have the upgrade to pro nightmare of finding out only later that it can't upgrade and only works properly as a clean install.    If you haven't already fixed the problem or had a pro come in an fix it post the diagram of your current connections ie: what kind or modem , how is it connected to your main machine, and what is your wireless box and how is it connecting to the pro machine.
Hope we can help.
rarnoboydAuthor Commented:
Thnaks for all the help.  I have to use the current setup as I have Starband ISP and as soon as you plug the modem into the router it shuts down.  The setup is the solution I found on this site to getting around that by sharing the internet connection off of the machine.  Man I wish I could get DSL or Cable.
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