upgrading harddisk on file server (W2K server).

Dear All,

I'm upgrading the current file server (mirrored) to a bigger capacity (60GB > 160GB). Well, I have came up with a solution:

1. Break the exisiting mirror.
2. Take out the secondary partition and put in the new 160GB as the secondary partition.
3. Use Norton Ghost 2003 to clone the 60GB to the 160GB.
4. Place the new 160GB as the primary drive.
5. Place the other 160GB and mirror it from there.

Would appreciate comments if there's any better solution than this.

Secondly, I've never cloned a 60GB before I wouldn't know how long it'd take. The management just wants 'minimal downtime' and preferbally < an hour, which I think its impossible.

Lastly, during the mirroring part, is it still possible for users to access their files without problems at all?


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John Gates, CISSPConnect With a Mentor Security ProfessionalCommented:
Your solution will work fine.  During the initial mirroring file access will more than likely be slower...   Especially if we are talking IDE drives here.  Ghost will certainly let you resize the partition with no issues at all.

John Gates, CISSPSecurity ProfessionalCommented:
Oh yeah if you have a drive with 60GB (Full) ghost will take you over an hour to image and about the same time to restore.

rex68Author Commented:
thanks and good luck to me
John Gates, CISSPSecurity ProfessionalCommented:
Good luck!  You will do fine 8)

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