CPU TEMP GOES UP Author: jaganhjp Points: 0 Date: 04/21/2005 05:32PM PDT I have Asus MB with Athlon64 2800 processor. My system runs almost 18 hours non-stop a day and the CPU temp is around 45ºC. But whenever I enable the internal modem to receive incoming fax (for which I use Cheyenne Bitware), gradually the CPU temp goes up to 55ºC and the MB temp goes up to 53ºC. I suspect the internal modem could be the cause that pushes up the temperature. Is the raise in temp to be ignored or shall I change the internal modem. Thanks in advance for guidance.
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rudy_baggaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The short answer to your question is:

Yes, the rise in CPU temp should be ignored.  55 Degrees C is well within the operational limits of your CPU.

The long answer... involves a few questions:

Does the temp rise by simply "enabling" the modem to receive faxes or do you have to actually be receiving a fax to see the temp rise?

Does the case temperature rise as well?

Do any other applications result in a noticible increase in CPU temperature?

What I am getting at is to try to determine if the CPU temp rise is caused by an increase in the workload on the CPU during FAX reception or is it being caused by the modem board actually generating heat resulting in a rise in the ambient temperature inside the case.


jaganhjpAuthor Commented:
Hi Rudy,
Thanks for your respose.

1. Temp is quite stable (around 42 - 43) when running all other aplications.

2. Temp starts rising when internal modem is enabled to receive faxes. - goes up to 55 (CPU) and 50 (MB).

3. This does not cause any problem in receiving faxies nor does it slow down the system.

4. I do not if this is common with internal modems to get warm
when enabled to received faxes ?

Well I have to admit it has been quite some time since I installed or even used a dial up modem card in a PC but I sure don't remember any of them causing any temp increases.  If other apps don't cause a temp increase then I have to suspect that the modem is driving up the ambient temp inside the case.   Are you able to open the case to physically check the temp of the components on the modem card?
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the easiest way is to test with another internal modem, or, if you want to avoid the problem, even an external one.
You can check the cpu usage in task manager, to see if it is actually upping the  use.
jaganhjpAuthor Commented:
Hi Nobus,

In the task manager (Windows XP),  cpu usage jumps to 100% when the modem (fax receive) is enabled, which is otherwise 0% or minimal.  Do you suggest that I change the modem?

Thanks / jaganhjp
it would be a good test, at least.
Do you have any specific modem software, or fax software running? disabling that in msconfig can help here too.
ridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is a fake (software) modem, a winmodem, it uses CPU cycles and software to act as a modem. Load increases and so does temp.
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