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please see my last post:

questions are

thanks big help! just a quick question, it now works does this mean everyone can not see my password and username in the code???

and when it sends it sends the email to my bulk folder in yahoo why?
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tusharashahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since your password is in code there's no straight way to see it.. as your code will be Compiled in to DLL and you dont upload .CS file on the server.

Unless anyone has direct access to DLL file (server admin) and they specifically go and De-Compile your Code and find out those specific username password, it's safe :)

Most of the good Spam program do back tracking of IP these days. If you send email to your Yahoo Account using Email Address "" they will match IP address of and the Server IP address from where you Email is coming from. & if it's different then they'll redirect email to bulk mail.

pigmentartsAuthor Commented:
thats for you help, you know ur stuff!
I learn, i learn :)
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