Help!! Company website suddenly inaccessible

I was messing around with the permissions on my wwwroot folder this morning and I accidentally removed "Everyone", which caused the website to be inaccessible to everyone.  Realizing my error, I added "Everyone" back to the permissions with Read permission.  The website is still inaccessible.

I have our company website and the default website configured as well as webmail (which is inaccessible also) on the IIS server.  The default website and the company website have different IP addresses which are associated with two physically separate NIC's.  I can ping both IP addresses locally, and both websites are running in IIS.  

I can type in the local IP address of the company website and it will come up, but it still will not come up using the website name.

I am also running Exchange Server on this server using the same IP as the website, but I'm not having any problems with that, so I guess it is IIS related.
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Start and stop the IIS service.  It could need to refresh it's permissions and this happens when the service starts.  Crude dirty way = reboot the server.
Here are a couple of good walk thrus on reseting IIS permissions:;en-us;Q271071
**Not all of this will apply, but it goes over reseting permissions on all the system and iis folders

Better walk thru specifically for IIS 5.0:

If you can bring up the website using the IP address ,it sounds like a DNS issue.
Can you resolve the name by pinging it?
richiveyAuthor Commented:
Restarting the server seems to have reset it.  Website and webmail are now working.  Now I am not receiving any emails through my Exchange server, though.  See the posting below.
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