Viewing 2 networks

I have 2 networks. 192.1678.103.x   192.168.0.x.   The 0.x runs a videos camera system with Dlink switches. I want to view the video from the 103.x network. How do i connect the 2?

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As bmquintas said..

You have two solutions  
(1)      Either using a router just like this topology
     subnet 103.x ----switch----Router            
     subnet  0.X ----------|
(2)      Using a pc with two NIC interface to act as a router just like the following …
subnet 103.x-----------NIC1----PC-----NIC2--------- subnet  0.X
You must have a router (or a PC acting like one) to connect them.
netnubAuthor Commented:
abu   deep,
 So If I am understanding all concerned then if I install another NIC in one of the 2 /  0.x PC's and direct it to  0. 103 I am good to go? This will eliminate the need for the router. Correct? I can't help but think I am missing something here.
Thanks and if this works I owe you all one. I am and old COBOL and VB guy obviouslly in over my head.

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