Needs data backup software advise

I need to back up certain folders onto slave hard drive. I do't want to image entire HDD just need data backup. Need to automate this process without interaction during the backup. Anyone have good suggestions on software?
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Lots of programs to choose from but here are few that are not going to break the bank.  All have trial/demo's so you can see exactly how it would work for you.

Backupondemand and/or SyncOnDemand

Second Copy,

MirrorFolder - it integrates into the OS and runs similar to a RAID 1 mirror to local or network drives.

Robocopy (free),  copy utility that can be set up to make mirror copies of whole directory structures.  Command line utility so no pretty GUI interface.  By running it periodically you can do something similar to the above programs.  You can set this up on a schedule in a batch.

You can also use the XCOPY command that is built-in with all recent versions of Windows. just place it in a .BAT file and schedule the file to run at times of your choosing with the Scheduler control panel. For multiple folders just place multiple xcopy commands in your batch file. If interested please post a note here and I can post an example.
Copy works well, xCopy better, try xxCopy if you can find it
ditto  r-k , kiss it, don't make it harder if you do not have to
>  r-k
disagreeing, use help (RTFM)
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