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ran across this ages ago - I believe it was an Axels tip (?) - but I need to know how to create a bootsector.dos file.

Installed XP Pro on a partition from DOS but I hot swap the C: partition with different OS's depending on need.  Forgot to keep the essential files within the C: directory and would like to add a boot.ini file to the Ghost imaages I have - but need to create the bootsector.dos file.

Would appreciate a link or info on how to create.


Running fixboot only creates the files if ntldr is there, etc.  All these files are not on the images.  Have figured out everything I need except bootsector.dos.  Might have came from Barts PE page.

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paraghsConnect With a Mentor Dy General ManagerCommented:
Also this link :
Replacing a Corrupted Bootsect.dos File
Try this link:


  Nayer Naguib
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
"BOOTPART creates a 512 byte file which contains an image of the boot sector that loads the boot sector of the partition"
bobsanders653Author Commented:
Need to give the points to paraghs as more helpful - but what I ended up doing since I have Ghost is to create a new install and Ghost it.  Then I took the very tiny file out and applied it.  Worked.  But it seems that floppies also produce a bootsector.dos - or they did many moons ago.  I can remember running a Windows 3.1 install that let me do everything - but change the install later - needed the bootsector.dos file - thogh might have been called different.

So points to paraghs
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