I want to use an external device for my server's backup.

I have a server that is running Windows Server 2000. It has a drive that houses all of the documents that are created on the workstations. I want to set it up so that when something new is created, it will automatically make a copy to the external storage device. I was looking at the Iomega NAS 200m/160GB solution, and it looks really good.

I want my windows 2000 server to copy the docs to the iomega, which will also make a copy on its raid volume.

Please tell me this is possible. I think that this would be a good solid foundation for data storage.
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There are a a lot of of programs/utilities out there that will maintain a copy and even revisions of documents for you.  

Backupondemand and/or SyncOnDemand

Second Copy,  which will copy files and keep revisions

These two programs will scan designated files and directories and copy changes to a backup.

Robocopy (free),  copy utility that can be set up to make mirror copies of whole directory structures.  Command line utility so no pretty GUI interface.  By running it periodically you can do something similar to the above programs.

MirrorFolder - it integrates into the OS and runs similar to a RAID 1 mirror to local or network drives.

So any of the above can maintain the copy or syncronization process to any drive you wish to point them to.  NAS or otherwise.

Do keep an eye on how you set up these programs.  You want to be sure that they do not mirror deletions.  So if somebody accidently blows away a directory the 'backup' will also delete it.  Programs that maintain the revisions are also nice for protecting against accidental overwrites.

Even with this sort of backup method you still need regular backup to tape or some other medium that is taken offline/offsite.  There is always the potential for a problem.  If you had a major power spike it could still kill the whole works and a offline backup would be needed.

The NAS would do but you may like the flexibility of just using a workstation with a RAID 1 mirror in it.  Then you could add a tape drive or other backup media.  If you need more space just add more drives.  A lot of flexibility here.

By not using a server OS you also can use backup software that is a fraction of the cost.  So for example you could use Acronis True Image for $50.00 and get live backup images of the 'backup station' - as compared to the Server OS version for $999.00.

Acronis True Image

Hope this gives you some ideas.
mcsbidmasterAuthor Commented:
thank you for your input
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