Machine turns off at high load

I guess its a hardware problem, thats why i am posting this Q in hardware area.

I got a machine with amd athlon XP +1700, 256mb ram, An asus a7n266 acpi bios rev 1003 (this is what stands in the startup) Windows xp pro.

Now to my problem, everytime i do somethings with high load, the machine will turn off, it doesnt need to be very high load either, it just turns off. I cant do anything with my machine turning off all the time!! please help me!!

I installed speedfan, it seems like the temp is normal. around 45 degrees celcius.
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rudy_baggaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's very hard to diagnose with such little information.  

Please describe in more detail what you mean by "turning off".  Is the machine locking up?  showing blue screen?  rebooting?    Is it associated with a particular application?

CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is the rating of your power supply?  This sounds like you are right on the edge and the extra draw can't be handled; try a different power supply.
leeds2kAuthor Commented:
its no bluescreen, nothing, just turns off, black screen, power just off. and then i can restart it.. weird.. i have seen trouble with my mainboard, asus a7n266..

i have not tried to change the power supply..
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Yes,  Since there is no Blue screen etc it sounds like the power supply may be tripping into current limit.  Given that the system uses an Athlon xp1700+ and an ASUS  A7n266 MB i would guess that this PC was either bought or built to be a low cost computer.  In my experience, the next component that system builders use to save a few pennies on entry level systems is the power supply.  I'd try swapping it out.  A decent one will run you $50-$100 and take about 1/2 hour to install.  

leeds2kAuthor Commented:
yes, it was bought for this.. the power supply was included in the aopen tower i bought, i will try to change the power supply, and see if this will work..
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can try disconnecting a few drives or devices, it should run then easier, but if the poser is failing, you have to replace it of course.
here you can calculate the power you need (allow for a margin to be safe) :      

as a bonus, you can test your memory with memtest86+ :      
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it isn't the PSU or memory I'd check if it is overheating. On some Mainboards you can set the shutdown threshold in regard with the teparature. When under load the CPU will naturally run hotter, and if this threshold is reached the mainboard will automatically shut the system down. Check your Bios for such a setting, then compare it with the allowed temperature settings for your CPU and adjust the shutdown temperature settings accordingly. Also check if the fan is running smoothly and if the heatsink is firmly attached to the CPU. Remove the heatsink, clean it and the CPU surface, than add a very small amount of heat transfer paste (if there is no heat transfer pad there already). Recconnect the heatsink firmly, but make sure you don't damage the CPU when doing that. If the fan is stuck or not running, also replace the fan (or the combination, Fan / heatsink, as they are often 1 unit).

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