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This is the closest Topic Area that I could post my CPS question in.
CPS says that I can "Add users to your website using the Users and Roles panel".

I see how I can add roles, but how do I add users?
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Hi  psenn,
please have a look here

Jay Eire
psennAuthor Commented:
It (livedocs) says:
1. Select Edit > Administer Websites
So I'm assuming I'm in Contribute instead of the Contribute Publishing Services program that I get to via my browser.

It then says:
2. Select the Users and Roles category from the list on the left.
This is already done because Users and Roles is the first category

It then says:
3. Click Add Users.
But there is no Add Users button.
I'm using Contribute 3.1.
I've placed a screenshot at
You first have to add the user through the CPS console, once a user is added you will be able to add that user to a role. The link to the console is in the Publishing Services section.
psennAuthor Commented:
Oh, ok.
I see that you've just joined and are answering any questions regarding Contribute.
Are you an employee of Macromedia per chance?
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