DirectX - Displaying sprite as moving background image

Hi all,

I'm making a 3d-Submarine game in C++/DirectX9c and im having trouble with the background imagery. All I have is a colour.

I would like to load in an image ie. 'back.jpg' that moves to represent the floor moving as the submarine travels through the water.

does anybody have any insight? i think im looking for something to do with LPD3DXSPRITE, that as far as it goes. Please make answers quite basic as I have exp. in C++, but not as much in D3D


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Well, one method that comes to mind is to make a bunch of rectangles(one more than the screen can fit), testure each of them and line them up.

move all of them to the left or right. then when one of the rectangles is offscreen, move it's position to the opisite side and have scroll it to the left or right as need be.
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