Cannot set font size on mail merge fields

Hello - a mail merge doc (that was working just fine) with a font style/size of Arial/11 was copied to another mail merge doc, two new merge fields were added, and the font size of the whole doc was changed to Arial/10

Everything looks fine, until you "View Merged Data", or print the doc, and then the 2 new mail merge fields display back as Arial 11.

To put it another way, as you toggle the "View Merged Data" button back and forth, the 2 new merge fields alternate between Arial 10 & 11. Just the two newly-added merge fields; all the other merge fields on the doc behave.

We tried:
1) selecting the whole doc, and setting the font size to 10; no good
2) selecting the merge fields specifically, and changing the font size to 10; no good
3) deleting and re-adding the 2 new merge fields; no good

Has anybody see this before? How did you fix it?

Office v.11, data source is an Access table

Thanks in advance
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heatfan07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Running the risk of sounding trite, I would rebuild the whole mail merge document from scratch (changing file naming convention too).  Take all characters from the old doc(s) and paste into Notepad, and then copy and paste as unformatted text (Paste Special) back into Word.

I have experienced a few problems like this before and always found that starting over was the quickest fix.  Now, the mail merge database (Access format) shouldn't throw off font formatting in Word regardless.  This issue really sounds like one of those very strange MS Word "copy and paste" issues where Word has gotten its wires crossed.
Before completeing the merge, apply a style to the field giving it a specific font size.  Then complete the merge and see if it sticks.  Another thing you can do is change your for that document, save the document then open and do the merge.
mlagrangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, HeatFan07 - It's always the low-tech solution that gets it done, right?  :-D

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