Digital Server 3200 error: EISA Configuration NVRAM Bad - Run Configuration Utility

So its basically that.  When I boot up my Digital Server 3200 i get the following warning:

EISA Configuration NVRAM Bad - Run Configuration Utility

then after everything is loaded I need to press F1 to resume

I've tried everything to fix this.  Tried to load the SCU (i get an NVRAM error) changed jumper to "clear" NVRAM (does nothing), etc

is there something I can fisically remove?  I though it would be something like a normal motherboard battery, that you can clean memory by removing..  havent found anything like that here...

anyone know what I'd need to do to completely reset all memory configurations and start fresh?  or at least how "fix" NVRAM?

This is so importaint, i've spent hours and hours with this, any pointers would be greatly apreciated.

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If NVRAM is bad, there's nothing you can do to fix it except replace the motherboard.  The NVRAM is non-volatile RAM which stores configuration data about your system, and when you changed the jumper to clear and back, it should have reset all the values.  Most motherboards also have a battery to keep these values when power goes off, but it could be embedded as a component on the motherboard.  The only other thing that people have done to fix this is to flash the BIOS, on the off chance that it will reset all values, but that is a last resort.
calcarazAuthor Commented:
yup, its a real shame.

but thanks for the info!
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