Deletion(Sorry, I've no points)

I try to delet some files on WinXP Pro and then i get the "make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use" error.

I try to uncheck 'read-only' but it says the same error, I try SHIFT+DELETE method, and safe-mode, and killbox, and some other methods.

I have taken control of that folder.

C:\Documents and Settings\[Account Name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Installer\x
C:\Documents and Settings\[Account Name]\Local Settings
x=various paths/files
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XestrixConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you've tried booting in safe mode and still no luck, one idea that I think will work is to use a boot disk (floppy or cd) to boot into DOS, from there just type:
del C:\Documents and Settings\[Account Name]\Application Data\Microsoft\Installer\x
del C:\Documents and Settings\[Account Name]\Local Settings

I'm pretty sure that that method has to work, if it doesn't, then I'm lost.

Hope this helps,
RubyWeaponAuthor Commented:
How would i get a boot disk?
^^; All you need is a blank floppy disk, then follow the instructions here:
Its all very simple, you shouldn't have any probelm understanding it, if you need any more help after that just post again.
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RubyWeaponAuthor Commented:
well, I booted wioth knoppix and tried and safe mode with cmd prompt, i don't think boot disks will do any better...
Ah, I would have suggested Knoppix but I thought that would be too much trouble ^^;.
I think that you still might have a good chance of booting to DOS though, becuase there are no resources being used by the computer, so the file should be completely vulnerable at that point. But that you couldn't get rid of it wioth Knoppix is a little puzzling.
RubyWeaponAuthor Commented:
yeah i'll just leave it until i screw up my comp, again... then ill just move my files to another drive and reformat. thanks for helping, sorry for the low point trouble. the total size of the stuff i want to delete is only 635 K, LOL.
No problem, sorry that I wasn't able to help, and don't worry about the points. If you do have anymore problems though, feel free to ask.
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