Cisco 1720 Physical ports

having a hard time finding a straight answer here.
i have an old Cisco 1720 router.  i am trying to set it up at home and test things.
can anyone tell me what each of these ports do/go on the back?

10BT ethernet (WIC 1ENET)  has three lights on it, all green and hooked into my laptop

10/100 ETHERNET port, this is not hooked up to anything at the moment

T1 CSU/DSU i know what this ones for.  

i guess the question is here with these ports can i config this router to use my cable modem connection?  also in the router what port relates to Ethernet0, FastEthernet0 and Serial0

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You definitely can config this router to use it with cable modem. If your modem have Ethernet port, just plug it with straight cable to the WIC1-ENET (add-on card on your 1720) and plug your PC or LAN into the 10/100 Fast Ethernet port. T1 CSU/DSU would not help you unless you have T1 from your ISP. Then you have to program your router with IP addresses, routing and probably some filters.

You can download 1700 series configuration guide from here:
dosleAuthor Commented:
thanks, this is exactly what i needed.

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