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Hi all,

How do I give ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS to the "PeerGuardian 2" ( application, while logged-on to "Windows 2000 Pro" as a RESTRICTED USER?

It defeats the purpose of surfing, downloading (P2P -Emule), and doin' things on the net if I have to be logged-in as administrator, instead of restricted...

Please help me out people.

Good Day,
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I don't know if this help you, but you can have a try :-)

-Open Sheduled Task
-Create a new task
-Browse to the program that you want to run
-Select that the task will run "When my computer starts"
-Enter the administrator/password so that the task will run as admin account.

Is it OK with you?
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
You can try my RunAs VBS/VBE short-cuts, or even RunAs itself will work. Highlight the icon of the program, right-click it, select runas... or if on win2k, highlight,then hold shift while right-clicking and go to runas.
Some short-cut's allow you to force runas to be used each time:
thanks003Author Commented:
Thanks dttri,

That's what I was lookin' for.  Worked fine...  Thanks!

Good Day all,
You are welcome! ;-)
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