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I need some advice here. I am IT officer working with government. Currently we are conducting an event around the country. The event require us to set a small network consist of 6-12 laptops. And all the laptops are connected to internet via dial up router/modem.

But early this month, we had started to use DSL. And i also had implemented Wireless network to be use with the DSL connection.

My question are, how can i make sure that the wireless connection that i had setup is totally or atleast secure from outside attack? All of the laptops are using Windows XP (SP 2). We had TrendMicro Antivirus + Firewall install on each laptop, but it's strange that if i enable the firewall, all the laptop will not able to connect to the internet (only can ping to the router).

And what kind or term of attacks that the hackers use for attacking wireless network? And what is actually they are attacking at? If they targeting to the wireless access point / router / individual laptops / the whole network?

Is there any software that i can use to monitor the wireless network that i have setup and monitor the user/people connect to the connection?

You help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


*please excuse my english.
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A best bet to start with is,

The following links will be definitely useful as well..
Added to the above, basically security is not a attribute of some device or certain part..its a overall system...For example if you are considering Wireless security you must consider the end to end security as well..Say you have the best secure system for wireless lan(which is access media) but how about the end points(Notebooks)...if these two are secured how about the transmission of information..its pretty susceptable to theft...so to mitigate all this we have tools like encryption,vpn etc etc...
A good place to start is again the NIST website/CIST website...
Hope this will be helpful to you..
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