Frequent BSDOs -- look at my minidump?

WinXP SP2. Computer won't boot normally at all.

Runs in safe mode, but most actions cause it to crash (BSOD). Event viewer crashes on load. System Restore Utility crashes on load.

I've uploaded a minidump to a webserver. Please, could someone take a look at the minidump and let me know what is causing these BSODs?

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I've studied your dump and it crashed with bugcheck 77.  As you know minidump is only the snapshot when XP crashes. Usually we need 3 to 4 minidumps to confirm the finding. You had better attach more dumps here so I can confirm the culprit. The prelimiary finding is hardware problem.

BugCheck 77, {c0000185, c0000185, 0, 1dd000}
Probably caused by : memory_corruption ( nt!MiMakeOutswappedPageResident+362 )

ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000185 - I/O
DISK_HARDWARE_ERROR: There was error with disk hardware

1) 0xC0000185, or STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR, According to the debug report of your dump. Your windows gets nt status code 185 which is casused by improper termination or defective cabling on SCSI devices, or two devices attempting to use the same IRQ.
2) May be Disk Hardware. run chkdsk /r
3) May be Faulty Ram. Run memtest (

If you could give some more information about the BSOD it would really help.
but basicly i would suggest you to Unload everything from Msconfig (start -> Msconfig)

Install anti Adaware software : - one of the best FREE spyware remover - Free Personal Version, very good cleaner. - Microsoft's Beta Cleaner Tool

And try to Scan for viruses: - Trend Micro - Pandas - Bitdefender - RAV Antivirus - Symantec

It can also indicate about damaged files, so if you have Windows XP installation CD i suggest you do
SFC /ScanNow , this will check if all your files are Ok, and if not it will change them to the original.
I posted too fast,
About the MsConfig solution,
(Start -> Run -> Msconfig , Startup Tab) Uncheck everything,
and then start adding them one by one to see which one might be the cause for the crushes.
ori_livnehAuthor Commented:
Thanks cpc2004. Here are three more minidumps.

<a href="">Mini040805-03.dmp</a>
<a href="">Mini040805-04.dmp</a>
<a href="">Mini040805-05.dmp</a>

I suspect this is not a hardware problem at all. The culprit is likely <a href="">Daemon Tools</a> a virtual disk driver. A number of other people in their forums posted the same problem, but the administrators are not very cooperative. I've removed the device driver files for daemon tools (d347bus.sys and d347prt.sys) but this keeps occuring. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
It is hardware problem of your hard disk as all the dumps have NT status code c0000185. Maybe the IDE cable or the paging space is bad.  Define a new paging space and replug the IDE or SCSI cable.

Mini040805-03.dmp 7A (e183aedc, c0000185, bf985c66, 150ba860) win32k!sfac_ReadGlyphHeader+cd
Mini040805-04.dmp 77 (c0000185, c0000185, 00000000, 001ed000) nt!MiMakeOutswappedPageResident+362
Mini040805-05.dmp 7A (c03e17a0, c0000185, f85e8836, 0bdba860) nt!MiWaitForInPageComplete+1c5
Mini041305-04.dmp 77 (c0000185, c0000185, 00000000, 001dd000) nt!MiMakeOutswappedPageResident+362

f7f90750 804e2b52 f7f90778 00000000 f7f90778 Ntfs!NtfsCopyReadA+0x1e2
f7f90778 804db9fd f7f9085c f7f90c54 f7f908ac nt!_except_handler3+0x61
f7f9079c 804db9ca f7f9085c f7f90c54 f7f908ac nt!ExecuteHandler2+0x26
f7f9084c 804dcc4f f7f9085c f7f908ac c0000185 nt!ExecuteHandler+0x24
f7f90b80 805e2680 c0000185 f7f90cc8 e2fadd90 nt!ExRaiseStatus+0xb5
f7f90c0c f85b3cc8 825c1f90 00044000 00003e00 nt!CcFastCopyRead+0x3c9  
f7f90c64 f863e9a2 825c1f90 f7f90cc8 00003e00 Ntfs!NtfsCopyReadA+0x1bf <--- Issue copy and then fail ??
f7f90c8c 80571c7b 825c1f90 f7f90cc8 00003e00 sr!SrFastIoRead+0x40
f7f90d38 804df06b 00000200 00000000 00000000 nt!NtReadFile+0x2d5
f7f90d38 7c90eb94 00000200 00000000 00000000 nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xf8
WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
019ff32c 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x7c90eb94
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