Clean xp sp2 install hangs at "finalizing installation"

Help please!!

New system build -
AMD (Newcastle) Athlon 64 Bit 3000+
Speeze Kestrelking Copper Base CPU cooler
Crucial CT6464Z40B 512mb DDR 400MHz PC3200
Asus K8V-X Socket-754 VIA K8T800
Liteon SOHW-1673S-05C DVD RW
Western Digital WD2000BB 200GB UIDE
Leadtek Winfast A340-T128 FX5200 128mb DDR
Mitsumi Internal Floppy Drive

I've tried to install Win XP SP2 (corp version) from a known working CD.

However, get to "finalizing installation" with 9 minutes left and nothing - there is still motion on the bottom right of the screen and the billboards keep changing but it won't go beyond this point (other than it does get to 5 minutes if left overnight for 12 to 14 hours).

Tried so far - swap out Ram twice with 2 known working memtested sticks - no difference. (Ran memtest and windows memory diagnostic on new ram with no problems either).
Installed XP (with same cd) in another system on the new hdd (install perfect) but got blue screen with boot volume problems when tried to put back into new system.
Ran the Western Digital diagnostic test on the HDD with no problems.
Swapped out AGP gfx card with PCI card - installed all the way but classic windows theme when entering windows (with no XP theme installed) with half the XP applications and utilities missing (e.g no system restore etc), and it booted staight into welcome screen and logged on as administrator (should give option to put name in).
Tried again with a different make AGP gfx card (nvidia 5200 again) with exactly the same as the 1st AGP card.
Tried to install with an older CD - XP SP1 - no difference.
Removed all motherboard connectors (front audio, USB, chassis fan) - no difference.

So this is where I am at now. Having waited for 15 hours, its now at 5 minutes remaining!!

I'm guessing there is an incompatibility problem or more likely a fault in either the CPU or motherboard.
Strangley, I used this same configuration a week or 2 ago with no problems.
Each time I have tried a new install I have deleted the partition with FDISK (and Partition Magic 8 at other times) and let XP install do a partition and format.
I am convinced that all components (and the CD) are in perfect working order (other than the the CPU and motherboard - as I do not know how to test them).
Any ideas?????
Many thanks
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Nick DennyAsked:
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My bet, Your BIOS do not support the advanced HD capabilities of XPSP2, and the clean up and HD info handling gets sc**w*d up...
Try a BIOS upgrade or a XPSP1 install..
Also...... always unplug all unnecessary peripherals like printers until after Windows XP sp2 has been successfully installed.  Did you happen to have any SCSI or RAID devices internally?  If so you have to select F6 right after inserting windows disc for install.  If so you need to load third party software as prompted.

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Nick DennyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replies.

However, after trying all suggestions (updating bios from 1005 to 1008, bare startup out of case etc etc) - I concluded either a faulty motherboard or cpu, or dvd rom.

Tried with another DVD rom still no joy - so changed IDE lead to 80 pin and hey presto - all works fine and dandy now.

So unbelievebly, the last few days grief has been caused by a dodgy (although brand new) IDE cable.

Do i give myself the points back??

I'm new to this.

How do I close this now?

Thanks again for your efforts.

heree is a cut nd past from help section
Post a question in the Community Support topic area asking for a refund, and asking the Moderators to close the question. You'll be required to post your solution in your original question. A Moderator will post a notice of your request which will give the participants 96 hours to object to the refund. Note that if it resembles one of the suggested comments, the likelihood is that your request will not be granted, but rather, the points will be awarded to the Expert who makes the suggestion. In your Community Support request, remember to post a link to the original question.
Faulty IDE cable. Hey.  That happened to me one time also.  and if it's a faulty cable it always happens to fail when one sticks in a windows cd for a clean boot.  Glad you fised it.

Post a request in Community Support to have this question closed and your points refunded:

Don't forget to post a LINK back to this question.  :)
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
You should have know you don't use an old type IDE cable on a new drive.  Those who suggested it was a hardware problem should get some points - me thinks.
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