Group Policy setting for Auto-Detect configuration settings doesn't work..Please Help

Ok...we have a windows 2003 server that is our PDC.  We just finished deploying Sonic Firewall and have one small issue.  We set the group policy setting so that "Auto-Detect configuration" would be checked for each users browser setting.  We made the change in the group policy on the PDC but even if you use gpupdate /force on one of the client machines it doens't work.  Any ideas why?  Before we were using Border Manager for our firewall so the browser settings were different.  We have tons of users though and it would be very time consuming to hit each user and change their browser settings to auto detect when we should be able to do it in the group policy.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks.
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I never use autodetect, so I'll let you work that out yourself.

I can tell you, though, you can test GPO's at the workstation by running the Resultant Set of Policy mmc snaping and viewing the actual policies applied - type rsop.msc at the command prompt.

At the 2003 server you can use the Group Policy Management Console to view ALL domain GPO's and where they are linked, and what order they apply in. You get it installed by default in SBS 2003, but need to download it for Server 2003. It's a freebie, just search for GPMC on the MS downloads site...

First try to create a test user and log him to see if the policy is applied
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It doesn't seem to apply to anyone.
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