XP setup with RAID and USB floppy drive

Hi i'm trying to setup win XP on a laptop with a RAID card installed.  I am using a USB floppy to install the required drivers in XP setup.

I press F6 and the floppy drive is OK and I can install the drivers.  I then select the partition I want to deploy on and setup tries to reload the RAID drivers.... At this point it looks like setup is no longer recognising the USB floppy drive so cannot copy the required drivers...

Please help!!
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carloselfaiteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try pressing f5 when you see the message: checking for hardware and then you get a drop-down list ,chose "standard pc" then continue.
fatcakesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer.  Problem was that Sony USB floppies are total SH1T!!!  Tried with a different floppy and worked fine.  Contacted the laptop makers and they told me that they had been aware of problems with sony USB floppies for some time...  Question.. Why the hell are you still selling them??  Answer: We get a good price on them!!!!  Go figure!!

Anyway as you were the only one to answer I've given you the points..

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