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Developing database application

I am looking at developing a datbase app.

Is it best to use a connection everytime the user performs an action (i think this is best) or use dataset with datadapters?

There is a lot of data so i believe the first option is more viable - just looking for further opinions.

2 Solutions
You cannot use dataset and dataadapters without open connection. You need to create a connection (in any case) and then use dataadapter to populate your dataset.
It depends on what u are doing to the database. if u are wanting to manipulate data, etc then pull the data to the pc into a dataset do the manipulations and then send back. If u are wanting to lets say populate a combobox with values from a database then use a data reader.

I really only use dataset when I am going to have some crystal reports, or datagrid. Most of the time I use reader, but then again I don't really have that many programs that manipulates a lot of data.

willbdmanAuthor Commented:
I know you always need a connection, the difference is the datareader performs the actions directly, the data adapter grabs the required data allows you to modify it then send it back later.

I will be pulling data but only a record at a time.

E.G. list of say outlets clicking on one brings up the outlet in more detail.

What are crystal reports?

Is there anyway of producing reports for printing using VB.NET?
I would open and close a connection everytime the user performs an action.  It really doesn't save alot of time by just keeping one connection open the entire time, in my experience.

Crystal reports is a program that lets you create very detailed/business oriented reports.


Crystal does have a plug-in for VB.NET if you own the professional version of VB.NET.

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