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Hello All,

I am looking for the best Hardware Diagnostic Software available that can be used on any PC not limited to certain makes etc.  

The price is not an issue, I just want to best that is available.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thank you all for your time and effort in helping me out.

Many thanks,

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Rick LeitzCommented:
I would suggest like others SiSoft Sandra.  The full version is not free, but it is worth the money.  For hard drive problems also look at Ontracks software

Microsoft windbg is the best tools. When windows crashes with hardware problem, a minidump is taken. Use windbg to process the minidump and it will show which hardware component is faulty. As you know hardware problem occurs randomly. For example if you run ramtest , the faulty ram function properly and you don't know the ram is faulty. Use windbg is proactive and memtest and prime95 are passive.
Hi there, I was just about to put up a post similar to this as we are a repair company dealing with hardware old and new, PC's and servers alike.

Currently we are using a program called Microscope 2000 to test our hardware alongside Memtest for memory testing.

In the past we have used PC Check it too.

We are after a bootable software that will test all aspects of a computer in a cycle, (i.e can be left to runa ll tests selected - without additional user input) and a report can be generated either on screen or preferablly onto removeable media such as a pen drive.

Again we are after the best software possible for an acceptable price.

Any views suggestions or comments are greatly welcome.

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