two of three computers can connect to the internet

I have three computers all connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 router, two of them are wirless connection via Linksys WAP54G access point.  Computer one is wired and runs XP-pro service pack 2 and connects fine.  Computers two and three are wireless, both have XP-home, and only computer three can connect.  From computer one I can see  computer one and three from workgroup MSHOME.  From computer two I can see computer two and three from workgroup MSHOME. And from computer three I can see everything in MSHOME.  The kicker is the above situation sometimes changes.  Sometimes I can see all three from each machine and some time just one or two.  Why would this change all the time?  I have noticed that when I go to the router set up and change DHCP to disable, save it, and change it back to enable, save it, everything works great for a few hours.  How do I set this up so I do not have to keep messing around in the router?
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ipdsConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Can you connect accross the routers to the internet with all 3 computers?  If yes then you have a network connection and access accross the router.  You can ping the ip addresses of the router, and the 3 comptuers finding out what ip addresses the computers have by using the dhcp table of the router or ipconfig command from a command prompt on the pc's. you can also ping the computer by name.... so if computer1 is called computer1 then on computer2 in a command prompt type ping computer1 and see if you get a response.  if you do then it is resolving netbios computer names.

also i would think that the order that the computers are turned on my have an effect with the server master browser functions of the computers.  i would think that XP pro has a higher rating than the xp home.  so turn on xp pro first.  then the xp homes.  in the services section of the admin tools, verify that the server service and workstation service is turn on for the pc's. these may be off for security reasons... so would maybe the tcp ip netbios helper....

another way that you can access other computers even if they do not appear in the network neighborhood, is by typing their address or name in the run.

go to start-->run--> and type   \\computer name   or you can also type \\ip address of destination computer    you must put the \\  

hope something in here is helpful

missionAuthor Commented:
Just got more complex.  I am very new to this network thing, but this is driving me mad.  My situation is as follows:  For at least a year I was running two computers networked with a D-link router that was sharing my DSL connection.  For some reason I feel the need to add a wireless connection to the works.  No problem, I think, just do a little research on the stuff I need and BAM! wireless connection with my wired network.  I purchase a Linksys access point, that set up in a breeze, and connected my, used to be wired, computer to modern day wireless.  No problem.  Thinking I am way cool, I purchase a USB wireless network adapter for a computer I have in my garage.  This works withot a hitch.  My problem is for some reason I can only connect to the internet with my computer connected directly to my DSL modem.  After I went crazy with this wireless stuff I lost my access to the internet.  My "super" network skills trouble shot the problem to be my "old D-link" router.  Solved with a Linksys BEFSR41, right?  Not.  I assumed I knew what I was doing, but I am not so sure, so this is what I have going on right now.  Like a stated befor , the only way I can connect to the internet now is directly through my DSL modem.  My Network properties for the LAN adapter is:  Under general tab, obtain an IP aoutomatically and obtain a DNS server automatically.  Under Alternate configuration tab, is insert user configured IP, Subnet mask, Default Gateway, and two DNS server numbers.
When I connect the router back up I don't connect.  I set the router up for the static IP that the DSL company said I need and the gateway, subnet and two DNS numbers.  Why can I not connect to the internet now.  Friday afternoon I had a connection to the internet via the router and I come back sunday to find nothing.  Why does this change on me?  I have the router set up for DHCP, I check the DHCP client list and I can see all three computers and the access point.  I run a "ping" to each computer using the windows Start, Run, CMD thing.  I even run a "ping" to the IP address that my DSL company uses to connect to the internet with.  What am I doing wrong?  
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