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I am a web designer. I'm making around 5 campaigns and I'm going to delete the ones that don't perform. One Idea that I have started on is to target the local city (Boise, Idaho) and my state (Idaho).

Do you guys recommend targeting locally? I so, could you give me some tips as to how to make a successful campaign targeting locally?
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humeniukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Do you guys recommend targeting locally?"

It depends on the nature of your business and in this case - web design - it's a good idea.  People looking for web design services are far more likely to want to hire someone local that they can meet with and talk to easily than someone located elsewhere.

Also, focusing on local customers while you're trying to establish yourself allows you to provide a personal touch in terms of services and support to your clients.  This can go a long way in your favor.  You can support this in your website promotion by incorporating both Boise and Idaho as keywords on relevant pages of your website.  It will also make your AdWords campaign more effective since you can target your ads and your keywords to your most likely customers - local businesses and individuals.

One small note about benwiggy's example, though.  You should use rather than
A very effective method for persuading many consumers - give it a shot!

= Make sure you include clear postage price details stating specifically to the state.
= Page names such as or something similar.

- A generally adwords comment - make sure you keep a close eye on your ROI and good luck!
duzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
weikelbob -

>Do you guys recommend targeting locally?

It depends on the product/service but it can be beneficial. Test and monitor conversion to see if it works for you.

>could you give me some tips as to how to make a successful campaign targeting locally?

Give the local campaign(s) a local landing page to make the user feel they have 'hit the spot' with their search phrase.  Experiment (test and monitor conversion) to get the best landing page.

- duz
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