Cisco 837 router factory defaults

My Cisco 837 router is goofing off and i want to set it to factory defaults. I would like to know what the factory ip address, username and password is so i can access it through the web browser. i dont have a console cable and dont have enough knowledge to use it anyway. Will this stop the router from goofing off or will i have to reinstall the OS.
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You can make your own if you are so inclined- cut a normal straight through ethernet cable in the centre, and "roll" the wires. In other words, connect wire 1 to wire 8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5. This is NOT a crossover cable, but a rolled cable. Then all you need is a DB9 to RJ45 adapter to connect it to the serial port on a PC, and you're all set.
I am not familar with the 837, but if you reset to factory other cisco routers you will loss the IP address.

you will need the cable
Here is the exact reference for the 837 router:

As rburello said, you will need the cable.
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