Windows XP Slow boot at logo screen

I'm working on a client's computer that was booting quickly, but all of a sudden started booting very slow, hanging for a while at the windows xp logo screen.  I ran through the msconfig and bootvis with no success.  I am defragging the drive now as a long shot, but I don't have a lot of confidence that this is the issue.  Any ideas to figure out what is taking so long to run behind the logo screen?  I ran the boot.ini /sos and it flies through the loading of drivers and services and sits at the blue windows screen with the memory count and windows version.  Thanks for any assistance.
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TOC-FriedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ahh, are you talking about the fade effect from the BIOS level to the begiining of booting Windows XP ? I noticed this at the start of XP SP2, if that's not it, then it's a device that it's loading.

Trial and error with just hooking up basic required devices (KB, MOUSE, VIDEO, ETC, Then add others like sound card, USB devices, SATA drives and so forth and try to detect where it's happening)

This isn't a software issue, it's a devices issue.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Did you trying sfc/scannow.
Click Start -> run -> type sfc/scannow.
and after finishing the process and reboot. check if its back to normal.

In any case, do the following
Create the following registry key and value.


Good luck
ADOPTATECHAuthor Commented:
Neither of these solutions worked (and the defrag I originally started didn't help either).
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ADOPTATECHAuthor Commented:
By the way, what does the useCryptProtectData registry key do?
Trend Micro released a pattern file update for there antivirus on 4/22/05.  Check the following links for details:
ADOPTATECHAuthor Commented:
This PC does not have any Trend Micro products installed including PC-Cillin
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
For answearing your question adoptatech about the registry key, This can cut your login times by up to half.
what you need is a simple program put out by MS, it is called "bootvis.msi". This is a great little tool for seeing what is installed during the startup proceedure, what order it is installed, and the best part is it shows exactly how long it takes the program/disk/liberary to load.
Give it a shot.
Good luck.
another site with moh10ly suggestion..

This is a good troubleshooting tool for u....

but u can try booting at safe mode..see if the slowness remains as well...
ADOPTATECHAuthor Commented:
This ended up being a bad integrated audio chip.  I disabled the audio driver in device manager, and the system booted as normal again.  Thanks for the suggestion TOC-Fried.
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