good firewall software for windows2003

I have a  one windows 2003 server hosted with

I need to set up a firewall on it

can someone help/recommend which is a good firewall software for windows 2003 sevrer

Best regards
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srikrishnakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont recommend to use software based firewalls in the service providers environment or hosted servers..Basically there is quite limited config options with most of the software versions...Mostly the attacks should be stopped n the servers should be protected by the Hosted Comapny...In your case i am not sure why you are not able to use their services...
Still if you want to loo i can recommend ZoneAlarm pro..
ruddgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows 2003 SP1 has the same native firewall options as Windows XP.  However, I agree with srikrishnak -- lease firewalling services or put a hardware firewall in place in front of the server and let that do the dirty work.
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