Direct Cable connection.....

Hi,....can someone please give me a detailed explanation of connectiong two computers using a direct cable connection...and by the way...will it work with windows XP (home and pro) ?
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LesterGruntfuttockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Direct Cable Connection (DCC) is THE most painful way known to man to move information from one machine to another and belongs back in the 20th century.

For DCC you need a cross-over connecting cable where the transmit connection from one end is cossed over to the receive connection on the other end.  Notice that this excludes common extension cables. Commercially available cables generally have both 9 pin and 25 pin RS232 connections on each end in Y arrangements.

Any Windows computer that you want to use in a DCC setup will need to have that software installed. During installlation computer and workgroup names will be assigned and file sharing will be offered.

You connect your 2 Windows computers via their com1, com2 or parallel ports and choose one to be host and one to be guest.  Set the the direct cable connection software running on each machine and set the machine's role and the com port it is using. And wait. Providing you have appropriately shared resources you will get connection.

In Win Me and earlier DCC lives in Programs|Accessories|Communications and in Win 2K and XP Settings|Network Connections.

If you really want to move stuff from one machine to another don't use DCC and serial ports. USB could well be another matter.

Just happend to browse past this question and didn't think it had been answered and thought I could.
Just so easy, go to a networking store, ask for a direct cable, connect 2 pc togethter, OS independent
Hi.  You'll need network cards in both machines.
Buy a CAT5 crossover cable, and plug it into the RJ45 connectors on the network cards.
On both computers, go to
Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Network and Internet Connections
Network Connections
Under Common Tasks on the Home edition click Network Setup Wizard and complete it.
Under Network Tasks on the Pro edition click Create a new connection and complete the wizard.
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One more step to add to gpriceee's list: you'll need to assign static IP addresses to each PC, as by default they will look to be assigned one via DHCP (which won't happen in this case). The IP addresses need to be in the same subnet: if you are not sure what to use, you can use on one, and on the other (subnet mask for both can be This is just an example- you can use any two addresses, as long as they are in the same subnet. Don't worry about setting a default gateway address- it is not needed in your scenario.
windows xp will auto negotiate an adress if DHCP is turned on :)
Yes, the default 169.254 will connect the two.
I think all that is required is a network connection, no need for RS232?
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