Groupwise mta and gwia problems

Started an upgrade from GW5.5enhsp3 to GW6.5sp4. Netware server is 6.0sp5. I created software dist. dir. and upgraded the primany domain without any issues. It was checked and verified it was version 6.5. I then upgraded the agents. Again everything went without any issues. I have console one running on my local pc ver.1.3.6d. To this point my MTA, POA and Primary domain were all Ver.6.5 Everything loaded properly on my server. I had not yet touched my GWIA. I upgraded my client to 6.5 and everything was fine. I could read all my current mail. and was able to send. I then upgraded the GWIA to 6.5 and it to seemed to appear ok. I had restarted the server and it booted correctly loading both agents and the gwia. Thinking everything was fine I went to upgrade all my other clients for my office. ( about 35) Each client upgraded OK. After I went back to the server I noticed the GWiA had unloaded. The colsole reported a critical error and suspended the operation. Each time I try to load the GWIA it gives me this message. Pus when I load console one on my workstation it says failed trying to open the domain. I am browsing to the proper directory but it doesn't work. Also the MTA doesn't load with the POA. I don't know what went wrong. Any advice would be helpful.
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, I've done basic WebAccess. Been awhile.

Start with Apache, of course, and get it running correctly before you try to add WebAccess.

Best practice is that WebAccess resides in a Secondary Domain (can be the same Secondary Domain housing GWIA, if you followed Best Practice and put the GWIA in a Secondary Domain) on a separate (from the Primary Domain) server. So, really, Step 0 is to create that Secondary Domain if it does not already exist (or if you want to use a different Secondary Domain than the one GWIA is in).

Note that having a Secondary Domain could have helped you recover from the Primary Domain database corruption. There is really no difference between a Domain database from a Primary and a Secondary GroupWise Domain. They are identical. So if something happens to trash the Domain Database in one Domain, if it doesn;t propogate to the other Domain(s), a Domain database from another Domain can be used to recover the corrupted one.

Once Apache is confirmed working (I recommend using SSL for WebAccess, so make sure simple Apache-SSL is working), then install WebAccess. From a base Apache install, the WebAccess install *should* make (or offer to make) all the changes needed to have WebAccess be the default web page on that server.
What is the EXACT error message you get when you try to load GWIA?

What is the EXACT error message you get when you try to load the MTA?

Look in the "software" subdirectory and find the GWCHECK utility. Does it load?
tiacovoneAuthor Commented:
I believed my domain became corrupt and I redid the upgrade using my old setup. I read about disabling the turbofat. (TID #2960009) After redoing the whole upgrade again on Sunday my system was OK.
I started to install Webaccess. (Never used this in 5.5) My webaccess agent seems to be running fine, but I don't know how (what url I should use) to log in. My goal is to provide logins for blackberry handhelds. Can you help me with that?
Am I understanding that the problem you originally posted about if fixed? That's fine, I just want to make sure everything is OK - yes, it does sound like the Domain Database became corrupt.

I confess to never having set up the handheld support in Webaccess.
tiacovoneAuthor Commented:
Yes, The original problem is fixed, thanks for your concern. Have you setup a basic webaccess solution?
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