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I need a Windows SEARCH utility like Google Desktop Search, but not Google desktop search

Hello to all!

I need a Windows SEARCH utility like Google Desktop Search, but not Google desktop search.

So when I want to search my computer I can type in the word "Excel" and the word "Chart", (Just like in Google)
It returns files with BOTH "Excel" and "Chart" in the file names, ranked highest.

Windows standard search will display every file with "Excel" in it and every file with "Chart" in it. (And if by some strange chance the two words happen to be in the same filename, yeah that too)

But I want the filenames containing BOTH words ranked Highest, or at least give me the option to sort by the "relevance"

It would also be nice to "Exclude" certain folders from being searched, because it would slow down the search. For example you might want to search your My Documents folder (and it's Sub folders) for files containing the word "School", but you don't want to search the "My Pictures" folder.

So my question is:
Is there anything utility available that will allow me to in this manner?

I don't want to use Google Desktop Search because of the disclaimers:
"Google Desktop Search may collect certain non-personally identifiable information that resides on your computer, including, without limitation, the number of searches you do and the time it takes to see your results"
("Without Limitation????)

"The Google Desktop Search application indexes and stores versions of your files and other computer activity, such as email, chats, and web history."
(Web history? Email?)
Jeffrey Coachman
Jeffrey Coachman
1 Solution
I havn't heard of anything that would work that well, besides Google's desktop search.

You may want to try Yahoo's shot at a desktop search:  http://desktop.yahoo.com/

However, for the EULA bits:  In order for the search to complete extremely quickly, google must bypass the need to check every single file on your harddrive on every search...  to do this, it creates an "index" of keywords for each file on your computer, which would include your files, email, charts, and web history.  I wouldn't trust any desktop search engine that didn't tell me this.  As long as they're not collecting that information, then all is OK...  they're just telling you plainly that they are "indexing" everything on your harddrive.

As for the first quote, it's usually usage statistics, but it could be other stats, like the number of files on your harddrive, or how many emails you have, etc.  Things that would help google enhace their desktop search.  There is a big brother element there, but they have an opt-out in the preferences, uncheck the "Help us Improve" box... that should restrict it from sending any information back.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the extra info!

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