Decode MIPS Hexadecimal Instruction

Hi All,

I there any way i can decode the below to find the MIPS instruction.Because i have done the decoding my self.But i am not sure whether this is correct or not.Is there any program that can decode this kind of set of instruction.

Memory address(in hexadecimal)                                  MIPS 32-bit instruction(in hexadecimal)
0x400024                                                                     0x3c04abcd

Thanks !
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I decoded it by looking at a op code table for the MIPS instruction set.

What you  really need is what is called a disassembvler.  Go to google and type "MIPS disassembler"... there are several ones out there it seems for free.

Can you tell us why you want to know this?  

If this is the address of a program crash, knowing the opcode isnt going to help very much.

Just offhand it looks like a:  LUI   4,0xABCD

srihari1986Author Commented:
Hi grg99,

Actually i have a question where i need to Decode the instructions.And need to show them the steps on how to decode.I have done the belwo but i need to check what i am doing os correct or no.

0011     1100     0000    0100    1010    1011   1100    1101
-----      -----      -----     -----     -----    -----     -----    -----
3           C           0          4         A        B           C       D

Opcode =>
Binary - 001111
Decimal - 15
The instruction is LUI

001111              000000                     00100          1010101111001101
---------             ----------                  ---------         ----------------------
op                       rs                              rt                      Offset Address

Binary - 001111
Decimnal - 15
MIPS - lui

Binary - 00000
Decimnal - 0
MIPS - $zero

Binary - 00100
Decimnal - 4
MIPS - $a0

Offset Address
Binary - 1010101111001101
Decimal = 43981
Mips 43981

ANd at last i need to find the MIPS instruction using the above.Which i am very confused and cannot really get the solution for this.And i am not sure about the Offset Address side also.

ANd the offset field into real address tag using the Memory Address provided.As there is a set of machine codes i need to deecode.

srihari1986Author Commented:
Hi grg99,

Can i know how do u come out with the LUI   4,0xABCD.As the answer for me is differnt.Is there any software i can use to get this figure.

Actually below is the machine code that is used to craete the program.

Memory address (in hexadecimal)                MIPS 32-bit instruction(in hexadecimal)
0x400024                                                   0x3c04abcd
0x400028                                                   0xac1dffec
0x40002c                                                   0x0c100009
0x400030                                                    0x1047fffc
0x400034                                                    0x03e00008

I have done the calculations for all.I just need the answer to verify it.Please help me on this , as soon as possibe.

Thanks !
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