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volume icon near clock won't show

This is annoying.  I can't make the icon for the volume display in my area near the clock.  

There is a little history.  The computer was not booting properly.  It would stop at some point which I believe had to do with the sound card, although I am not certain.  After moving the card to a different slot the issue disappeared.  

The sound card seems to be working perfectly well.  

Only I can't make the icon/volume control appear.  If I go into the control panel, I see that it is already checked to "Place volume icon in the taskbar".  I've tried unchecking and rechecking it, also rebooting, but nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts?
1 Solution
Perhaps the driver replaced sndvol32.exe with some faulty volume controller? Try extracting a new copy of sndvol32.exe from your WinXP installation CD. You can find the instructions here:

linqueAuthor Commented:
I just did a search and found a thread a couple years old, but people were having the same issue that I am finding.  The thread is here:


I logged off (not the way I usually do things) and logged back on and the icon is there.  I don't understand this, but that's what happened.   I also tried the solution offered about shutting down and restarting explorer.exe.  That worked too, but it only put the speaker icon and a few other "usuals" were missing.  

Still interested in people's opinions tho.   Ori, I'll see about the sndvol32.exe driver on the cd.  Thanks
Yes, I would want more insight into this as well, It's the strangest thing.. Bloody XP trying to act like it's the user. Thinking it knows best. I'll tell those microsoft programmers. You know nothing. NOTHING, We know all.
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What about the latest sound card drivers from there website ? As apposed to using the one's off of the cd that came with the sound card ? The first suggestion made with regards to extracting sndvol32.exe sounds like a good one !
just another quick thought, in control panel sounds and audio SOUNDS do you have any schemes in the schemes window? If you have not and go to put one in windows will ask you if u want to save the current, do so and name it what ever, then check your sounds options next to each action and see if they work ok. Save this new scheme as your personal one and do apply first then ok..
You could run a scan for corrupt files from start run type in sfc /scannow put yur xp cd in the rom close the install window when it pops up. ;)
linqueAuthor Commented:
I will try these suggestions and be back later today (takes a while to scan the disk)
You can try the following fix, just run the same, and then restart the system.

linqueAuthor Commented:
I apologize for leaving this thread for so long.  My mistake.  I did run a similar program to my registry and I've not had any issues since that time.  Mayby XP woke up one day and decided to fix itself anyway.  Or maybe the reg tweak really did do it.  

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