Cant get firebox soho 6 to work with zyxel adsl router


We have recently purchased a firebox soho 6 to replace our old firewall

The set up is as below

We have just purchased a block of ip's from our isp these are: to (subnet

our isp gives us  a Fixed ip ( dynamically assigned to zyxel prestige 660 adsl router. PPPoA

Internal network set to 192.168.x.x

dns server at 192.168.x.A

gateway at 192.168.x.B

The firebox is set as the gateway for the internal network.

I thought that i should be able to set up the wan side of the firebox as follows


dns set to isp dns
gateway set to ip of router

Router set up as bridge with Ip of subnet

I just cant get this set up to work,

I have also tried to set up the router with the wan ip as

then lan ip as

Either way, we are getting no internet traffic, any help would be much appreciated as one of our students at the college has taken to downloading porn and the webblocker on the firebox will be very handy

The wan interface of the firebox has the option of manually configured, PPPoE or dhcp. I cant seem to get any of them to work properly

What am I missing?

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Paul_Howard_D7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The IP address of your router is in a different network than that of the block of IP addresses that you have purchased, so there is no route out from your firewall which on the WAN side has the IP

If your router has the IP address of, the your block range should be in the same network as the IP address that you have been assigned to your router.


       Soho 6 WAN
       Soho 6 LAN

Basically your WAN IP needs to be in the same network, you need to speak to your ISP and get them to dynamicaly assign your router the first IP address in the range that has been purchased, then put the second address on the WAN side of the Soho6, then your free to use private IP ranges internally as the Soho will NAT for you.

Hope this helps...

cyjazzmanAuthor Commented:
We got a d link dsl340 router instead and it worked perfectly
Glad you got it sorted :)
cyjazzmanAuthor Commented:
me too..

thanks for your input
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