VPN Support - Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 - STANDARD Edition

Does the Standard edition of SBS 2003 support VPN (Teleworker-to-LAN). If so how many simultaneous VPN tunnels does SBS support.
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Yes, it does... but it also supports it's own Remote Web Workplace (RWW) which is far superior to VPN if the user has a desktop at the office.  Also, Exchange supports RPC over HTTP so remote users of OUTLOOK don't need to use VPN.  VPN is primarily for those with laptops.

The default setup is configured for 10 simultaneous VPN tunnels, it'll support more, but you may not want that many more on the same server due to resources.  I know of a couple installs that are using up to 25, but they have utilized other resources (VPN routers).

mr_macswebAuthor Commented:
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