Script needed to auto-shop at Dell Outlet

There'a a thread on about a Dell deal...
"30% off select refurbished Dimension or Inspiron at Dell Outlet"

In the thread there are several mentions of people running a script to auto select Dell systens based on the price / model / features they pass to their script. Then in some cases the script pushes the item into their shopping cart.

There is an example posted in the thread (search for proxy) that uses Proxomitron to do this. But others say they've written similar scripts to do this using XUL or C++.

Now speed is of the essence here. as items are quickly taken by people as soon as Dell offers them up for sale (which happens hourly). So with that in mind how would you write a fast script (that refreshes frequently) to auto shop at Dell Outlet?

Oh and here's an example of the kind of deal scripters are  getting...

Dell notebook: Inspiron  9300 PM-1600 Windows XP Home 17 80 G (I) 5400RPM 256 CDRW 64MB Radeon X300 ETH-0  Price $649 less 15% off

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You can use following script to get the HTML data from dell  and parse the code for

 --------------------------------snip for

## Create a user agent object
use LWP::UserAgent;
$ua = LWP::UserAgent->new;
$ua->agent("MyApp/0.1 ");
$ua->proxy('http', "");

#Opens the urlfile.txt to get the URLS.
open(HND, "./urlfile.txt") || die " Can't open file : $!";
chomp(@arr = <HND>);

# print all the URLS content.
my $url;
for$url ( @arr) {
        print "Getting $url =======================================\n";
        print "====================================================\n";
        my $res = $ua->post($url);

        if( $res->is_success ) {
                print $res->content;
        } else {
                print "Unable to get $url\n";

        print "\n";

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