How do I remove the paragraph sign from my word documents and how do I turn off the auto format

I must have hit some key and now have little paragraph signs all over my documents; they do not print but I do not want them on the document while I am working on it.  Also how do I turn off autoformat?  Thank You soooo much
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david_barkerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Either you find the same paragraph mark on your toolbar, or go to menu "Tools", "Options", "Display" and uncheck the "All" option in the second group of options.
For the autoformat options, you will find them in the "Automatic correction options" in the "Tools" menu.
Hope this helps,
ritacmAuthor Commented:
I tried what you said but I cannot remove the paragraph under tools and it is not on my toolbar  Any other suggestions?
After following David's instructions, did can you now still see all the editing marks or just the paragraph marks?

Ctrl + asterisk (Shift 8) will toggle Show All on and off.
If it's just the paragraph marks, you could rmove the keyboard assignment for Show Para.:
Tools, Customize, Keyboard, Select View under Categories and Show Para under Commands, then select Remove to remove the shortcut keys currently assigned.

If that doesn't work, try the Rest All command under Tools, Customize, Keyboard.  This will remove any keys assigned to macros and styles in

This normally does the trick.

Good Luck!
ritacmAuthor Commented:
I went back and tried David's suggestions and was able to remove the paragraph sign
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