No sound a8v-e/on board ac97 running legacy Windows 2000 server


On a dare I took a pc from a work pool running windows 2000 and for $700 I was going to soup up the pc. I took a 533mhz pIII on an asus p3v 4x with 128MB of mem and replaced it with an ASUS A8v-e with an AMD 3500+ and 1GB of Platinum OCZ Pc3200 low latency mem. Sure did boot up faster when it showed up on an ATI x600 graphics card that replaced an 1998 ATi rage 2c.I also trashed a creative labs CT4810 hopping that the onboard AC97 sound card would take over. It took me 20 minutes to switch everything and it all booted up right off the first time. SOme Microsoft APPs requested original disks because of the major change to system ( no kidding!) and I obliged. I had instant access to internet and it looked like I had won my bet BUT!!!!!!!

Now for the UNFUN part, I have no sound. NONE from the nice lady on the MOBO boot up saying the usual "booting from operating system" nor do I get sound through the front of the  legacy SAmsung 48x cd-rom playing a music CD nor from the back lime green speaker connection on the onboard AC97.

I know that a clean install USUALLY avoids this type of problem but a bet is a bet... the deal was to spruce up with only MOBO, CPU , MEM and Graphics adapter... (I also had to canabalize an Antec true blue350w PSU with 24 pins to power the new mobo!)

So to any great answer there has to be a decent question: Do you think it's an issue with the OS, or some jumpers on the mobo?

Thanks for all the suggestions...

Montreal, QUEBEC

I don't know what to do next...  
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The onboard sound should be enabled too... and head off to the asus web-site and download the latest drivers for your audio.  No jumpers are involved for audio... altho... regarding the CD music thingie... there should be a small cable that goes from the audio connector on your CDROM drive to the motherboard.
After you  install the drivers from asus for the board (I don't think you mentioend if you did that or not)... give it a shot.

Worst case, also un-install the existing audio drivers before installing the latest drivers.

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From past experience, if you are adding a sound card make sure the MOBO on board sound is disabled in the BIOS.  Especially if the same manufacturer has a presence in both places they can cause interference with each other.  And, I would verify the correct driver is installed for the sound card.
didcrywolfAuthor Commented:
There is no sound card in the system besides the onboard Ac97... I just mentionned ther HAD been a sound card but I removed it AKA TRASHED it....

to clarify what J-A-L said,

you may need to head into the bios and make sure that the onboard audio is enabled, most likely is was disabled to get the card to work, and so you need to change the setting back.


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