Dissapearing Icons on PDC after restart.

I have a PDC Windows 2000 server and when I restarted it, the desktop icons no longer are displayed.  It restarts fine and all the services seem to be running on the server and everything seems to be working, but the icons will not appear at startup.  Explore.exe process seems to be running in the task manager.   I can RDC into the server and the icons will magically appear after about 15 minutes.  Any ideas on what might be causing this and a fix to the problem.

Much thanks,
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Zaheer IqbalConnect With a Mentor Technical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
did you try to log in with another user to see if the profile is corrupted?
SightShopAuthor Commented:
Yes, still have the same issues with other profiles.
this is really basic, but maybe worth eliminating as a possibilty... does anyone surf on that machine? if so, a spyware ceck mighht be a good idea.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
ThanQ ;)
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