problem in booting


on my PC I have only XP in drive C
the other drives are D,E,F as patitions in the same hard disk
if I boot from a bootable Disk or CD using 98 startup disk I cannot detect neither C: drive nor any of the others saying that I have not FAT nor FAT32 on drive C
I want to use the MS Dos prompt and to detect the other drives. please help.

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Most likely, the XP partitions on drive C: are configured to use NTFS instead of Fat32.  You cannot read NTFS partitions with your Windows 98 startup disk.

If you want to see your C: drive via a bootable, DOS-like mechanism your options are to:

a) Boot from your Windows XP disc and when you get to the part that asks if you want to install XP or repair an existing XP installation, you select "R" to do a repair.  You will be asked for the Administrator password, and then you should be able to browse around your C: drive with a DOS-like command prompt.

b) Use a third-party boot disc that can read NTFS partitions (i.e.
You can use NTFS Reader to boot from ms-dos and see your NTFS partitions from there.
if you want a multiple boot configuration, you need to make the partitions FAT32, first, then install win98, then install winXP

you can burn a costum boot cd with all the programms included to read NTFS Partitions and also includes Filebrowser and utilietis.

Here is a good one:
Hiren's boot cd

or you can use Ultimate Boot Cd at:
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