Pen Drive USB Version Problem

Recently I have bought this Avixe 128MB Pen Drive with USB 2.0.
When I plug in to my CPU, it has error:
I/O Device error
And sometimes it has error:
A HI-SPEED USB device is plugged into a non-HI-SPEED USB hub

Why this happen?
I’m using Windows XP now.
Is it my USB hub version problem?
How to check my USB Hub version?

If my USB Hub is in Version1.1, will that be the cause of the error?
Is it I have to a new Version2.0 USB hub in order to use my pen drive?

Thank you.
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simkissConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some USB 2.0 devices will not work as USB 1.1 even though they say they will and they are supposed to work.  I had a similar issue with a pen drive.  I would not work on any of my 1.1 ports, but when I put it in a 2.0 USB port, it worked like a charm.

Ok the device I/O erro, is an actual error. If it weren't for part two i might have said that you had a bad pen drive.

Now the second part "A HI-SPEED USB device is plugged into a non-HI-SPEED USB hub"

What this means is that your Pen drive is built to use USB 2.0, and the USB port you are plugging it into is USB 1.1.

What this means is that windows cannot transfer data to the device as fast as the device could take it. YOU CAN STILL TRANSFER DATA tho, so i would not worry too much about it.
to check, what usb you have, you can look in device manager, open the usb section. If you have usb 2.0 you will see the word enhanced, or usb 2.0, as you said  above, it will not have those words, saying you have usb 1.0.
If you want usb 2.0, you can use a pci to usb adaptor card :

for the io error, i would take of the data first, and format it completely (right click the drive in explorer, and select format.)

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