boot lock-up

recently installed a new maxtor 80g H.D. into a computer.
installed xp pro.
everyrhing was fine.
now, 2 weeks later, the computer fails to boot.
it gets to the point whare you get the xp logo, then locks up.
it even locks up in safe mode.
sometimes it does not get as far as the logo, it locks up when verifying DMI pool data.
the cpu temp is 46/114 whewn idol.

The MB is a magicpro   mp-p4vm-533
now when i turn the comp on the machine gives one very long beep. Bad Ram?

Any ideas?


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i would disconnect as many devices as you can, and run with only mobo + cpu, 1 ram stick, 1 disc, video card, kbd + mouse. if this works, you can add on devices till you find the bad one. if it does not work, try without disk, or kbd and mouse.

most chances are your ram is causing, problems, then mobo and power supply.
test your ram with memtest86+ :              
sledgeAuthor Commented:
now it just locks up at the boot option screen. the count down gets to zero, then nothing. It just sits there.
sledgeAuthor Commented:
running at bare minimum at the moment. Same result. Ill try different ram.
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or lookup the beep codes in the manual, or on the manufacturer's site
Find the beepcode

your manual is available here

im guessing its ram. or processor

usually what one beep denotes

check your HD with the tool from Maxtor :

sledgeAuthor Commented:
ran the memtest software that  nobus suggested. Threw up errors everywhere.
took the ram out, put it in another machine: No problems.
took the ram from the second computer and put it in the faulty one: Errors everywhere.
I've concluded that it is the M.B.

If you think it's something else, please let me know.

Thanks to all.

Very strange, i think. One thing to verify when you use it in another PC, is the compatibility (and bios settings) ; youi can llok if the ram is suited for the board at or
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