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Hi There

My internal domain name is "hitechauto.local" and my outside domain name is ""

When i create a connector in routing group>connectors exchange 2003

What should my address space look like considering the domain names given above,

My existing connector name is...

COST> "1"

is this correct?

Reason i am asking is because i am still battling to get trend interscan messaging to relay mail to my exchange server. When trend is listening on port 25 it allows me to still send mail but not receive.  I get a message 550 relaying denied.  Would this message come from exchange or trend?

When exchange is listening on port 25 i am able to send and receive mail.  
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WadskiConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
Does Trend relay to the Exchange Server?

because you will have to allow it to relay therough.
This message must be from Trend.  There is nothing wrong with your connector details as listed above.

If Trend is reading your domain name from Exchange as hitechauto.local, it may be rejecting because it doesn't think it is a local domain (hence thinks it needs to relay, which it is denying).  There must be a setting in Trend somewhere to specify domains that it should allow - you will need to add to this.
purplepomegraniteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
According to the demo userguide, you can configure relay in Trend by opening the Interscan web-based console, and then:

To configure anti-relay:
• Choose Configuration.
• Click SMTP Routing.
• Click Receiver.
• Select Relay Control from the left-hand frame

There should be options here to allow domains relay... ensure that both your domain (hitechauto.local and are detailed here.
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