Anti spam on pop3 mailbox

Anti Spam Measures - I use a pop3 mailbox hosted by eclipse internet.
I also receive a lot of spam and would like to know how to have this deleted without having to download either the messages or the headers into my PCs. The Eclipse product is erratic and Messagelabs won't work as I would need my our own mail server. Any suggestions would be welcome
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kneHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook 2003 includes a spamfilter.

Might suffice.

a friend of mine swears by 'mailwasher' i believe it downloads just the headers so you can decide what is spam and delte it from the mail server before downloading it to your system.

i use a great bit of freeware called K9, whcih does download all the e-mail but sorts it very accurately fo ryou before passign it on to your mail client.

"without having to download either the messages or the headers"

That really doesn't leave anything're probably at a minimum going to have to download the headers so the sender, subject, and a few other items can be parsed.  I took a look at the POP RFC ( and saw no way to retrieve partial headers (like the "From" and subject lines only).  If your ISP implements something extra, anything is possible, but I would say you can't get any useful information to determine SPAM without at least retrieving the message headers.

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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
SpamAssassin is wonderful and free, and I also recommend using ClamAV for anti-virus protection, it is also free.
Take a look at Emai Systems home product offering anti-spam for pop3

Hope this helps..

Always try, they have an option for desktop use.

Most decent AV vendors can do this for you, eg. McAfee.

McAfee for example, once intalled, will ask you for your pop3 accounts, it will then configure itself so that when you recieve an email, it goes to the AV first, it then cleans it and then passes it onto your mailbox locally.

Your best bet to be honest is to use a local application and if the Service provider has av/anti spam, you should sign up to that also. This is what I do, its very cheap with service provider and having just one vendor for this stuff does not really cut it anymore. Having cleaning at both ends really helps a lot.

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