After reinstalling Win 98SE system system stops responding and locks up

I have just reinstalled Windows 98SE and everthing looked fine. Now I find, whatever I do, after a few mouse clicks the system locks up and ceases to respond to mouse or keyboard. I receive no error messages and I finf the only way out is to unplug the computer. Pressing the power button or ctrl/alt/del has no effect. I have never experienced this before and any advice would be gratefully received.  I would add that i have already tried formatting the drive and installing Win 98 SE for a second time but the results are as described above. At the moment I am just going round in circles. Thanks.
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blue_zeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Those problems usually are related to hardware/driver issues with the video card being the most common culprit.

I would start in Safe Mode and cfheck Device Manager for duplicate entries under Display Adapters.

If you find them, just delete ALL entries and reboot lettiing Windows reinstall the drivers.

If there are no duplicates, try updating your video card drivers.

Also worth a try is updating the motherboard chipset drivers. This is specially important with Via chipsets. An update will usually solve many problems.

My thoughts are based on a clean install of Windows, and no updates yet.

On this topic, a MUST do: visit Windows Update.

After these there are other checkups to do, but I would say you have enough to start with the above.

Do post back your findings.

Good luck,

MrArubaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
check your motherboard for bad caps, they can be a very very huge pain in the butt :-)
honnieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
U can oso try swapping ure ram to a diff slots....
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can test the Ram with memtest86+ :

Do not forget to install all motherboard drivers, right after the win98 install; then check device manager for errors, and install the drivers for it.

BTW what system are we talking about?
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